Camborne Chamber of Commerce

Camborne Chamber of Commerce is 110 years old, having held its first meeting in the Camborne Library Institute (now the Donald Thomas Centre) on May 22nd 1908. The names of all past Chamber chairmen are shown on plaques in the Donald Thomas Centre.

The Chamber played a passive role during the first BID Camborne 5 year period, holding monthly meetings and publishing the Chamber monthly ‘Town Crier’ newsletter.

Almost all Chamber members are BID Camborne levy paying members so fewer attended the Chamber meetings. BID Camborne was the voice representing businesses in the town.

In December 2016 BID Camborne won the vote to continue a second BID Camborne from May 2017.

In 2017 it was agreed by Camborne Chamber of Commerce and BID Camborne that the Chamber would ‘close’ as an independent organisation and be amalgamated into BID Camborne – keeping the Chamber of Commerce name & logo.

Should BID Camborne end then the Chamber could be resurrected as an independent organisation to again represent the businesses of Camborne.