Year Four

Current Year

Year 4 Projects (current year)

Year 4 Projects (April 2015 – March 2016)

Directors of BID Camborne have agreed we will be delivering the following projects once again for Camborne in Year 4 of our programme:-Projects delivered this year include:-

Spring Bunting – black and gold bunting put up in April before Easter and remaining up until the end of May – after the half term holidays to brighten the town.

Summer Bunting – multi-coloured bunting put up in June and stayed up until the end of October to dress the town for summer.
Graffiti removal contract continues in year 4. If your BID Camborne business is a victim of graffiti, get in touch and BID Camborne will sort it for you.

Commercial Square – BID Camborne works with partners to improve behaviour in Commercial Square. This is an on-going project.
#Choose Camborne Campaign roll out continues with delivery of the following projects:-

    • Cross Street Flags Bespoke flags to brighten and promote the independent businesses in Cross Street were introduced in summer 2015. They remain up when the Christmas lights are not.
    • Camborne Town Guide – Edition 3. 55,000 copies of this guide were printed, with Publicity South West distributing across Cornwall, in addition to local distribution through businesses. This publication, part of the #Choose Camborne Campaign is for both residents and visitors.
    • Over the Street Banners – Part of the #Choose Camborne campaign, these 3 ‘Welcome to Camborne’ banners will be up from January – November 2016.
    • Welcome Maps at arrival points: Rosewarne Car Park map has been up since summer 2015. Train station and bus station versions will go up in spring 2016.
    • Vacant Shop Display in 8 Trelowarren Street & 12 Commercial Street – both sites have issues currently preventing them being let to businesses.

PR support for Camborne

During this year BID Camborne worked with Sue Bradbury PR, a Cornwall PR agency on various stories to positively promote the town and your businesses. In September BID Camborne entered a new deal with the West Briton publishing a page every month on business stories in Camborne.

Christmas in Camborne 2015. Christmas is a big project for BID Camborne, including, Lights, Tree, Switch-on Event featuring The Snowman and the Snowdog, Christmas in Camborne 2015 Guide (7,000 copies), Free Parking on 5 Saturdays in Rosewarne, Santa’s Bench, , Santa’s Grotto and Christmas #Choose Camborne Campaign, including advertising in the West Briton and on Pirate FM as well as the town social media accounts.

Parking -Free – on 5 Saturdays leading to Christmas. Camborne Town Guide promotes the Camborne parking offers.

Toilets: BID Camborne part funded Rosewarne Toilet Block to keep it fully open during winter 2015/6.

Events: BID Camborne also supported footfall driving events & activities including Trevithick Day, the Music Festival and the now weekly Friday produce market.

Keeping Levy Payers informed via 3 main tools:-

  • Company website: This refreshed website for levy payers clearly communicates what BID Camborne does and provides you with information we hope you find useful. .
  • BID Camborne News – The fortnightly e-newsletter for levy payers. To sign up just add your email address via our homepage.
  • 4 Hardcopy newsletter throughout the year.

Theme 2: Cost Savings

Through our Theme 2 Cost Savings project we have added lots of relevant information to our Business Information section of our company website.

Theme 3: Best for Business

Workshops: BID Camborne promotes business training opportunities relevant to businesses. This year we supported LEP with the Digital Skills for Small Businesses project.

Business Website: The new town website launched on 24th July 2015. Every levy paying business can have a listing on this website to promote Camborne to the world.

Social Media accounts: Facebook and twitter accounts actively promoting Camborne continue. This year joined by Instagram, Google+ and You Tube.

Lobbying and Representation is a theme 3 project for BID Camborne. During this year BID Camborne did the following:-

Rosewarne Toilets In June 2015 BID Camborne has written to both Cornwall Council and Camborne Town Council asking to be kept informed about future management arrangements for Rosewarne Toilets in Camborne. Copies of both letters are available here. Letter to Cornwall Council.  Letter to Camborne Town Council.

In November and December 2 more letters were sent in a final attempt to get the public toilets retained. A final decision is expected in Februray 2016

Hayle Development: In December 2015 BID Camborne has written an objection letter to the proposed developments at Hayle which can be viewed here.