Year One

Of the three main themes that the Bid Camborne project is focussing on, our main aim in year one centred around improving the town’s environment and promotion

BID Camborne Year One (May 2012 – Apr 2013)

The main focus of BID Camborne’s first year was to improve the environment and promotion of Camborne. The perception of Camborne is none too flattering and in order for businesses to thrive in successive years, the aesthetics and perception of the town needed addressing as a priority in BID’s first year.

We worked with partners to improve the appearance of empty properties and to dress the streets (for seasonal events like Christmas and Trevithick Day). Access to the town was improved with free parking promotions. There were also various events held, guides were produced and BID’s marketing plans began.

We worked with CO-OP and Buffet City to improve the empty premises formerly occupied by CO-OP and the old Plough Inn. As it was located on one of Camborne’s main entrance points (just off the A30), it was important to improve the aesthetics of the buildings.

For the improvement of the former Holman’s building, we worked with THI and Coastline to give it a facelift and a bit of nostalgia/heritage back to Camborne’s historic building.

Summary of Year One Projects

Environment and Promotion

  • Empty buildings – Improve the appearance of empty buildings as mentioned above.
  • Christmas lights – A £30,000 investment that insured not only the continuation of the Christmas lights, but also that they met UK Health and Safety legislation introduced in 2007, which it did not before. We’re working hard on illuminating parts of Camborne that currently do not benefit from Christmas lights.
  • Dressing the streets – Trevithick Day benefited from black and gold bunting displayed throughout the town.
  • Free parking – Two months of two hours free parking a session in the months of September and October were offered to people visiting Camborne. This was promoted in the Camborne Pocket Guide booklet.
  • Events – Children’s activities and events were organised and supported including November’s Musical Festival, Christmas activities, summer activities, Trevithick Day and the produce market.
  • Guides – Over 20,000 guides were produced in year one; the Christmas Guide and the Camborne Pocket Guide.
  • Promotion – We promoted Bid locally and in the local media; a banner at Heartlands, adverts in the paper promoting the town and free parking, press releases, Pirate FM radio adverts, radio interviews, posters and the opening of social media accounts.

Best For Business

  • Website – A new website domain was bought with the aim of being brought to life by the end of year two to promote Camborne.
  • Social media – Accounts were set up on both Twitter and Facebook and are used to promote local businesses and the town itself. As to date, the social media accounts have been a great success.

Free parking promotions

Dressing the streets with flowers

Trevithick Day bunting

Organising  summer events

Pop-up banner at Heartlands

Invested in new, safe Christmas lights