How and when do I Pay my bill?

Cornwall Council is responsible for collecting the levy on behalf of BID Camborne. The process for collecting BID levy is the same process as followed for business rates collection.
Your annual bill will be sent to you in March to be paid by 1st April each year. Information on how to pay will be provided on the reverse of the bill. The payment phone number is 0300 1234 171 and Option 3 for BID Payments.
If your bill is not paid by 1st April then a reminder bill will be issued to you.
If you have not paid your bill by the end of May your account will be put into debt recovery. If your account goes into debt recovery it will incur additional charges. These charges are as follows:-

  • A £60 charge will be added if you are summonsed to court, but pay before going to court.
  • An additional £20 charge will be added if your account is taken to court, so £80 in total.
  • If your account is taken to court, bailiffs will be appointed to recover the debt, which may incur more charges.