Operating Agreement

BID Camborne has negotiated on behalf of its levy payers with Cornwall Council, Camborne Town Council and the Police so we are all clear on what services and standards should be provided.

We have agreed, in contract form, the services that Cornwall Council will be providing to keep Camborne’s streets clean, clear of litter, well-lit and that our highways are safe. We need your help to keep our town in good shape. The information on this website page is a summary of the key points.

If you see anything that needs to be addressed in terms of crime, public safety, cleanliness and maintenance, please use these contacts to report it.

BID Camborne has prepared a ‘You Can Do Service Contacts’ card which can be downloaded  here – CCD contacts.

BID Camborne’s Response to the Cornwall Council 2014 Budget Consultation:  )  In Autumn 2014, Cornwall Council consulted on the proposed budget cuts of £196 million over the next 4 years. BID Camborne has submitted a response to this consultation which you can read here.

BID Camborne’s presence at the consultation events and responses to the consultation prevented Cornwall Council from closing Rosewarne Toilets during this current winter period (2014/15).

In June 2015 BID Camborne has written to both Cornwall Council and Camborne Town Council asking to be kept informed about future management arrangements for Rosewarne Toilets in Camborne. Copies of both letters are available here. Letter to Cornwall Council.  Letter to Camborne Town Council.

Street Cleaning. Read more....

Email:  refuseandrecycling@cornwall.gov.uk

To report issues contact: Phone:  0300 1234 141

The Standards:

The BID area has 2 zones –Zone 1, which is High Intensity of Use and Zone 2 Medium intensity of use – please see map.


Zone 1 standards: Should have no litter or detritus, with maximum cleaning of twice per day. It should be cleaned by 6pm if reported before 1pm or by 1pm the next duty day if reported between 1pm and 6pm on the previous day.

Zone 2 standards: Should have no litter or detritus, with maximum cleaning of once per day. If reported an issue should be sorted by 6pm of the following day.

Highway Maintenance & Street Lighting - read more....

Cornwall Council is the responsible authority.

Email: roadstransportandparking@cornwall.gov.uk

To report issues contact: Phone: 0300 1234 222

Co-ordination of street works for utilities is shown at www.elgin.co.uk

The Standards:

Cornwall Council has a duty to maintain the highway for the safe use of the public. Different repair standards apply to different roads.

  • Gully emptying is scheduled for once per year.
  • Traffic signals and crossings should be repaired within 12 hours
  • Street lighting faults have a target repair period of 5 working days
  • This department is responsible for Rosewarne & Rosewarne extension car parks
  • This department is responsible for the licence management of skips, scaffolds and tables and chairs for pavement cafes.
Grassland Maintenance & Flowerbeds - read more....

Email: envmanagement@cornwall.gov.uk

To report issues contact: Phone: 0300 1234 202

Cornwall Council is the responsible authority.

The Standards:

Grass verges are cut on a 4 weekly basis.

Flowerbeds are weeded on a 4 weekly basis and planting will be made good when damaged.

Public Toilets at Gurneys Lane and Rosewarne Car Park - read more....

Email: envmanagement@cornwall.gov.uk

To report issues contact: Phone: 0300 1234 202

Cornwall Council is the responsible authority.

Email: envmanagement@cornwall.gov.uk

The Standards:

The public toilets should be kept clean, tidy and in good working order throughout the scheduled opening hours.

Street Furniture; Benches & Bins - read more....

Email: cambornetc@cornwall.gov.uk

To report issues contact: Phone: 01209 612406

Camborne Town Council owns the majority of the street furniture (benches and bins) in town. They should be in good clean condition.

Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour - read more....

Devon and Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council both hold responsibilities for dealing with anti-social behaviour. The Police are responsible for dealing with crime.

To report issues contact:

Police email: Camborne@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

Police Emergency: 999

Police – non-emergency: 101 (15p charge for calls to this number)

Police reporting 01209 611247

Cornwall Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team: 0300 1234 232

Alternatively visit safercornwall.co.uk and complete the ASB Online Reporting Form.

The Standards:

Anti Social Behaviour is acting in a way “that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.”

Examples of this behaviour include verbal abuse, vandalism, joyriding, noise nuisance, criminal damage, assault, throwing missiles, underage drinking, engaging in threatening behaviour in groups or harassment of residents or passers-by.

Cornwall Council has a small team of dedicated ASB Caseworkers who work closely with Devon and Cornwall Police in investigating and dealing with anti-social behaviour. This team is expected to deal with perpetrators of ASB but also offer support to victims to ensure they are fully involved and supported through the most serious ASB cases.

ASB caseworkers are responsible for dealing with individuals committing acts of anti-social behaviour through the use of an ASB warning and a behaviour monitoring process, which aims to prevent further acts of ASB. Early intervention and prevention of ASB is far more effective than allowing ASB to continue for a period of time before reporting.

Your local ASB Caseworker for Camborne is Dorian Thomas who is based at Camborne Police Station.