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New Branding for Camborne Town

In recent years, Camborne has not shouted enough about its strengths.  To change this during 2014 BID Camborne led a branding project for Camborne titled “What’s Your Story Camborne. The aim is to celebrate Camborne, and identify what makes us proud of our town. Over 200 people participated.

From this work The Camborne Town brand guidelines were developed, featuring the new town logo chosen by the people of Camborne. These guidelines inform all future BID Camborne promotion of Camborne town.

Camborne Town Branding Guidelines

The Camborne Town guidelines were developed with 5 brand values. The Camborne Town branding is authentic, united, connected, inventive and industrious.

The brand guidelines feature information on Camborne Town’s logo, colour palette, typography and imagery which will be used across all of Camborne Town’s marketing materials in the future.

The full branding guidelines for Camborne Town can be downloaded here.

#ChooseCamborne Campaign

The #ChooseCamborne Campaign was launched in November 2014 and will continue for the rest of the BID term. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to join in and actively support and promote Camborne Town.

Follow the campaign

Join the #ChooseCamborne Campaign

  • Use #ChooseCamborne tag on your own business and twitter messages to re-inforce your message
  • Add the #ChooseCamborne banner to your email signature (download here
  • Use the #ChooseCamborne business card image (download here

In addition to the online campaign, BID Camborne are also working on developing the following Point of Sale items to aid in promoting #ChooseCamborne in your business:

  • Drink Mats
  • A5 Leaflet Holders to display the town guides and Christmas Guides (Spring 2016)
  • Window stickers for your businesses. (Spring 2016)

Camborne’s new website is

The new Camborne Town website launched on the 24th July 2015. Each BID Camborne levy paying business has a listing page on the website and the website provides a brilliant platform for promoting your business to visitors to the town.

To maximise your business listing please complete your information using this link:

From launch until the end of October we will be constantly improving the website before a formal launch in November.

Your events, live music, craft clubs etc can also be added to the ‘What’s On’ page of this website and to social media accounts.

PR support for your business

In April 2015, BID Camborne started working with Sue Bradbury PR to promote Camborne and the work BID Camborne is doing.

If your business has a story to tell, get in touch and we will see what support we can provide.

Camborne BID WB Final 10th Sept 15

BID Camborne has started a new monthly page in the West Briton to promote BID Camborne business stories. The first page went in on 10th September, with further pages planned for 8th October, 12 November and 10th December for a 4 month trial. If your business has a story to tell get in touch.

The West Briton Page will continue during 2016.

Camborne Town Guide – Edition 3

BID Camborne produces an annual Camborne Town Guide. 56,000 copies of Edition 3 are being distributed through both businesses in Camborne and other locations within a 20 mile radius. The guide includes a free map of Camborne and key information about our town as well as a competition to win £100 to spend in Camborne.


Camborne Town e-news (From November 2015)

We are developing a town e-newsletter which is due to launch in Spring 2016. The town e-newsletter will go out to the public and will feature what’s happening in Camborne town, news, updates and events.

To sign up to the town e-newsletter simply visit the Camborne Town website,


Facebook for Business – every business needs to read this!


People are now connected to the internet more so than ever with the advances of technology and smartphones.  Using social media means you could be engaging with more potential customers and it can be an important tool to use when marketing your business.  Facebook is one platform that businesses are using but with the ever changing Facebook rules, some have used ‘personal profiles’ as a business page and a way to engage with more people.

What’s wrong with that you might ask?  One reason is that you are violating Facebook’s Terms of Service which strictly state that personal profiles are for non-commercial use and should represent individual people only (not businesses).  This has been around for a long time but Facebook have only recently started to clamp down on those who are misusing the personal profile account. If you have set up a profile for your business where you add friends or receive friend requests, you could lose your account and all of your pictures & a way to market your business.

Some people have set up a personal profile and a business page but have both associated with their business. Again, this could see you lose both your personal profile and business page and we have seen happen to some local businesses.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by converting any personal profiles you have set up in a business name and convert it to a ‘business page’. If need any help or advice regarding this issue, please feel free to contact me on  

Read our Facebook Guide!